Musher Jerry Sousa

Gerald Sousa was born in California. He says his dream as a young boy was to move to Alaska and fish and hunt and live in a land filled with adventure. At last, at the age of 12 years, he was given the opportunity to move to Alaska and live with his aunt, uncle and cousins. “We had a grand childhood,” he says, living in the northern Susitna Valley in Talkeetna under the majestic Alaska Range where rivers are full of fish and bears run free.”

Gerald says he learned many things about adventure from legends such as Cliff Hudson and Don Sheldon. “I learned of adventure and hardship, of how to live off the land and how to build a log cabin, how to hunt and fish and run rivers with raft and boat and how to fly a super cub.

Gerald has been guide for about 20 years.

Basic Facts about Jerry Sousa and Iditarod Dog Mushing

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